Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review – My Honest Opinion


Our unlock your hip flexors review:

So what is this unlock your hip flexors product i hear you asking?! well it is a comprehensive guide on how to unlock the most important muscles you may or may not have even heard of located in your hip the flexor muscle.

The hip flexor muscles are used in practically every aspect of your daily life, twisting, bending is just a few of the movements they help you (and me) to do.

This can be a very painful ailment to have and very few solutions.


The book has many sections and covers a vast array of problems caused by having hip flexor issues including:

  • Digestive issues.
  • That feeling of slugishness we all get from time to time.
  • Anxiety.
  • Loss of labido.
  • Extreme joint pain.

Just to name a few, the author(s) Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal have to be commended on their thorough explanation and knowledge which engrosses you and sucks you in with the exercises and techniques he uses.

Each chapter goes into depth on how to do each exercise and get how you can manage the pain and get control of your life back (infact this is one of the things i liked best about this product) they don’t just show you pictures and videos and leave you to it, they emotionally connect with you so you can get the very best from it.

Have you heard of the word psoas? i hadn’t either! I won’t spoil it but this is the kind of new information i like to read about as they say knowledge is power.

The authors do not overwhelm you with information, everything goes at a nice pace and lets you keep up with the exercises, on some training books they have a tendancy to go so fast you can’t keep up, this was a refreshing touch.

It is essentially using body weight techniques to help you unlock the flexor muscle which alleviates quite a few different things like back pain, belly fat just to name a couple it was actually very interesting to read about this, I know i never paid much attention to this muscle but i did have a few symptoms including a little excess belly fat, i cannot say for sure it helped here for me but it has been stated that it does help, time will tell.

Some people like to learn through reading and some through watching videos (visually) i don’t mind either, and the good thing is this product caters for both something that gave it another small edge.

instant access



  • Extremely comprehensive and well written, you can tell this is done by a professional.
  • Digital product so it’s instant access.
  • Comes with bonus material including how to unlock your hamstrings and fat burning guides absolutely free.
  • It comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee.


  • The book is very long and can sometimes drift off into areas of the body i have never heard of which took my attention away momentarily.


After reading through and watching the quite large guide and instructional videos i have to admit this product is actually very good, i even went as far as to show my elderly neighbour who i knew was having similar problems some of the techniques in the book, I am happy to report she has told me it does seemed to have lessened her hip pain somewhat which was good to hear.

With all the other positive reviews i must say this is a very good product to get if you are having any type of hip pain it may not get rid of it completely but it should certainly help.

Hopefully my unlock your hip flexors review has been of some help in giving you some information on this product.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

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