Synapse XT Review – Do They Really Work?


Our synapse xt review:

When i first saw this come on to the market i knew i had to do a synapse xt review as soon as i could. It literally looked that good (as many do, so you have to do more digging to see what the product is really like)

So to get in to it, Synapse XT is a natural supplement that is designed to aid brain function which also covers hearing. It has been combined with no fewer than 7 ingredients to supercharge the power of the supplement.

Some of the ingredients are:

  • Garlic.
  • Green tea.
  • Juniper berry.
  • Hawthorne berry.
  • Hibiscus.
  • Vitamin B.
  • Vitamin C.


Because the product is not massed produced like other medicines these days more care is given to the manufacture. They are all natural ingredients making it ultra safe for use, no addictive type drugs are used.

The side effects have been non existant which is another benefit i have found, the same again with other products the same, you can have head aches, fatigue or even sickness depending on what the product is of course all side effects are different product to product.

It essentially works with your brain cells to help with brain fatigue, keeping you (or trying to) on top formby working with the synapse between the brain and the ear to enhance better auditory hearing.

If you are looking for help with any of these:

  • To keep your hearing sharp.
  • To sharpen or focus the memory more.
  • To keep you more focused and attentive.

This is not a bad product not by a long shot, i have seen so many bad products claiming the same you wonder how they got a license to manufacture in the first place.

The correct dosage is to take 2 capsules once a day, Ideally 20 – 30 minutes before a meal washed down with a glass of water.

These are the main benefits we found when reviewing synapse xt, of course everybody is different, what works for 1 person may not necessarily work for someone else, the key is to give it time before you decide if it is working or not, products like this can take up to a month before you see any positive affects just keep that in mind is all I will say.

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  • The price is quite good for what you get.
  • Has been proven to increase memory and hearing functions.
  • Close to no side effects.
  • It is GMP certified.
  • It comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee.


  • You are only able to purchase these directly from their own website (not a bad con but I had to include this so everyone was aware.)


After reviewing the product I must say I was a bit sceptical, knowing the Pharmacy trade, you see these promises all the time on various different products which promise this or that it is sometimes hard to know what to believe, obviously it must be taken over time to see the full affects, it is the same with all tablets, nothing works straight away they must get in to your system.

But it does seem solid and the testimony of others too see to vouch for this product working to a degree, it definately would not hurt to give them a try even for a 3 month span to see if you find a difference, i’m not sure if they 100% made me focus more but i can definately see a slight difference which i will take any day.

I can only hope this synapse xt review has been even a little help in helping you decide if this is for you.

Synapse XT Review

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