Midas Manifestation Review – A #1 Surprise Acclaimed Hit Or Not Legit?


To some people it can sound a bit for want of a better word “out there” which i can understand. It’s not something quantifiable which would make the scientific community happy, will this midas manifestation review be able to change that?

Ever since I saw a documentary around 2006 called The Secret I have had a fascination with spirituality, the universe and if you can really get good things in life by thinking positive thoughts.


This is essentially a program that will teach you the fundementals on attracting health, wealth and other positive factors needed to enjoy this life, it will teach you via the 118 page ebook and audio files how to tap in to the secret only the wealthy and priviliged have had access to for years.

The creator Vincent Smith has done a great job to layout the knowledge not readily available to the majority of people in an easy to learn fashion.

Track 1 of the audio will focus on the third eye chakra which will help your consciousness to connect / align with the universe.

Track 2 of the audio will cover the crown chakra which is the vehicle that lets you receive the information from the universe.

Track 3 of the audo will cover the heart chakra, this is to help you not thing negatively which will conflict in the long run with the universal alignment of your consciousness.

Some additional things you will learn:

Help to give you mental strength.

Help with any insecurities you may have.

Help with understanding some of life’s mysteries and how to have a more positive outlook in life.

That is just a couple of the things you will learn on your journey. Everything you need to know is covered in the guide you will download with the program. As well as a myriad of audio files you can easily listen to while you do your day to day activities.

midas manifestation review



  • The price, the cost of the program is very reasonable compared to others on the market currently, it also has more content.
  • Very comprehensive ebook which is structured in a neat way.
  • The audio is very relaxing and goes in to depth you can almost feel a connection with the universe (you need to try it to believe it!)


  • It is currently only available in English, but after some digging it may be coming to more languages in the near future.
  • There is no paper or hard back editions at the time of writing this, only available in digital format.


I have not reviewed many of these spirituality type programs before, infact, this is maybe my second in all the time I have been reviewing different programs, I have to say it was an experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed connecting to what may or may not be a higher plain (I know everyone’s experience will be different) I think it is more a personal thing in regards to what you get out of the program, believe me, i’m not one for believing in just anything, I’m a need to see it to believe it kind of guy.

Whether i get financial freedom or just learn to handle things mentally better in future will be a win win type scenario, who does not want more money in life? anyone? thought not, you can do a lot worse than trying this program out PLUS it ha sone of my most favourite htings in a product.

The all important 60 day money back guarantee if you really feel the program is of no use, to me this adds a lot more credibility and support to the product.

Hope to see you all in the universe 🙂

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