Brain Training For Dogs Review – Can The 100+ Unbeatable Tricks Tame Your Canine Friend?


Our brain training for dogs review:

If you have arrived at this page then it is safe to say you are a dog lover? would that be right to say? after all they are mans best friend.

Would you believe in the United Stated alone there is nearly 9 million dogs, and not all of them have the proper training to behave and to follow commands, this is where brain training for dogs comes in to help.

It contains all the videos and documentation you will ever need to help train your canine friends.

Including puppy training videos, online courses that will helkp with obedience and over all behaviour with personal guidance on the forums from the creator Adrienne Farricelli.


The courses have been created and are led by a professional CPDT-KA certified dog trainer called Adrienne Farricelli.

She has helped thousands of dog owners like yourself to train yours pets the proper way with no bad habits, every type of dog is trainable and she goes in depth in the video tutorial and written articles to show you how.

As well as all the videos and articles there is a massive forum you get access to where you can ask her questions directly or get help from 1 of the thousands more people who have successfully used this course.

You will be taught the unique system to use to train your dog to:

  • Be better behaved at all times.
  • Your dogs over all health will be much more improved.
  • The temperement of your dog will see a significant improvement.
  • The bond between you and your furry (or not so furry as the case may be) friend will be much more improved also.
  • A whole host of extar bonuses are thrown in which is quite an extensive list.

In total there is over 7 modules for you to complete, starting with pre-school and ending in the einstein module.

The good thing is you are not rushed to complete any of the courses you can easily login to the member sare at anytime and continue where you left off.

brain training for dogs review



  • Very easy to get to grips with and learn.
  • Lots of videos and articles on every subject regarding the training of your dog, everything seems to be there.
  • Subjects like dealing with aggressive dogs and hyperactivity are covered in depth.
  • Personal support from the author which is quite refreshing to see.
  • Access to a quite large forum so you can talk with people who have come accross the same issues as you.


  • Although the videos are good quality I feel they could be higher (this is somehting that is in the works according to the author) so not a deal breaker.


Having reviewed for different websites many dog training products over the years there is somehting that stands out about this one, not only is there a very detailed 300+ PDF book, and many videos on all the subjects this is definately one of the better products to help you train your dog.

From aggression, to poop control, to whining this program covers it all, it also helps you can actually talk to and get help from the course owner, something that is severely lacking in many of the other courses I have seen.

As the old saying goes you have nothing to loose but you have things to gain, if you are on the fence there is also a 60 day money back guarantee no questions asked.

If you are having problems training mans best friend then this just might be the thing for you.

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