12 Minute Affiliate System Review – Will This Incredible System Make You Money?


It has taken me a bit longer than usual to do a 12 minute affiliate system review, I deliberately held off a bit longer to get as much data back as possible on this make money online product from the reputable Devon Brown, he is truely a master of his craft and it shows in this new product.

Unlike a lot of other “guru” marketeters Devon has proved he can make the money he makes with his unique systems he has in place, this is probably one of the more detailed guides I have seen in my 15+ years of marketing.


Once you signup you will have access to the private area where you will have access to funnels, pre-made landing pages which are all set up for beginners, so you can start earning back some of the money you have invested in a reasonable time.

It is by no means a click and generate income system you have to put in a bit of work to see good results (just like anything in life) it’s good practice to learn up on what funnels are and also the basics of email marketing and the general process involved this will definately give you an edge on using the system to it’s fullest potential.

You will also be taught how to signup for accounts at affiliate companies, this is where you will get access to products to promote, the more you promote the more more sales you will get and in turn the more traffic, and traffic equals commission.

They also focus on showing you how auto responders work, this is used to streamline your marketing efforts, when X clicks on X, they get sent to X page, depending on what they do they get sent X email, X being the action you setup, you need to funnel the user down a certain path to your end goal. I enjoyed this part of the training, they knew exactly what they were talking about and used no fluff just the bare facts which is what i appreciated.

12 minute affiliate system review



  • The system is geared towards beginners which means it doesn’t skip any important information like a lot of these make money online guides tend to do.
  • There is live webinars to show you step by step how to do things, which covers many topics like generating traffic, how to find the top converting offers in many niches.
  • Different membership levels to help you decide where you want to start.
  • Access to the private facebook group which in itself is a gold mine of information.


  • I would say maybe the fact it’s a little too focused on beginners, sometimes you wanted more advanced information in the guides and webinars, not altogether a bad thing but definately something I would have like to have seen.


Believe me when I say I have tried many affiliate systems in the past to earn money in my early days, if you haven’t wasted at least $x,xxx on your journey you are doing it wrong the joke used to be lol

This system will not make you a millionaire overnight (if that is your goal) but it will definately help you build and develop your skills as an affiliate marketer, there is many things you need to master and this course does a great job of teaching you a basic foundation on what you need to learn.

From funnels to email marketing to niche selection this course covers it all, I feel safe knowing you will not be disappointed in this course, in the marketing world there is a lot of BS for want of a nicer word when it comes to these types of courses, this one surprised and taught me a thing or two and i’m an old dog 🙂

12 minute affiliate system review

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